Access Management Solutions Enforce Your Organization’s Access Control

MWIDM implements access management solutions as the security enforcement components of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure. The access management component enforces access control against predefined security policies established to govern access to network resources.

These resources are typically web-based applications (also known as web single-sign on or SSO), Enterprise Single-Sign-On (also known as legacy system single sign-on or ESSO) and Identity Federation (also known as Federated Identity or Federated Single Sign-on.)

Access Management and SSO


Web Access Management protects access to web accessible services available within the enterprise through centrally defined authentication and authorization policies through the use of policy servers and/or policy decision points (PDPs) and distributed or proxy-based policy agents and/or policy enforcement points (PEPs); provides session management and domain single sign on (SSO) for web applications.


Enterprise SSO (ESSO) minimizes the number of times a user must authenticate to disparate applications by maintaining a secured store of credentials for each application that are submitted transparently upon access an application.


Cloud SSO allows users to sign on to all of the organization’s cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with just one username and password that can be leveraged from your organization’s user account credential store.


With Federated SSO the user never provides credentials directly to the service provider – the user’s credentials are only stored within the organization. The users sign in once and the service provider trusts the identity provider to validate the credentials.


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