MWIDM has years of experience developing enterprise software for our clients using Open Source tools.

Open Source describes a philosophical and practical revolution in software development and information exchange. Literally, Open Source means that the source code—the language in which a program is written—is available to the general public and does not have licensing restrictions that limit use, modification, or redistribution. Communities of programmers share ideas and collaborate effectively to create—and continually scrutinize, test, and improve—innovative and custom-designed software packages.

IT leadership at all levels—defense, federal, state, and private—is faced with the harsh realities of building and maintaining enterprise systems that meet today’s needs yet have an eye to the future. Open Source can be a cost-effective and reliable option.

MWIDM is proud to acknowledge our contributions and those of our professionals to the expansion and advancement of Open Source technologies.

MWIDM developers have participated in several community development projects, including MapBuilder, development of an API library for unit conversion in JScience, and new functionality in JFreeChart.

Why Open Source?

  • No expensive license fees—Open Source meansno licensing fees. The only thing you, as an MWIDM client, pay for are development costs and support services for an open source software that is 100% customized to your needs.
  • Lower development cost and time—MWIDM uses Open Source tools and technology to save our customer’s time and money. When we build Open Source Software (OSS) solutions, we integrate and customize pre-existing Open Source tools that have been thoroughly evaluated and tested. We pass these savings on to you.
  • No vendor lock in means we work harder for you—With Open Source, you have access to your Source Code and the freedom to work with any Open Source vendor you choose. At MWIDM we work hard to ensure that we meet your goals on time and on budget, so we continue to earn your trust and loyalty.
  • No forced software upgrades—with proprietary software you are forced to upgrade and pay for each new release—even if you do not benefit from the latest version. When you choose Open Source, you decide when you want an upgrade based on yourneeds and your
  • Highly secure and reliable—Open Source software can be more trustworthy than closed source software because it is continually being audited and vetted by hundreds and even thousands of concerned practitioners. Security is enhanced through the power of numbers.


Open source technologies are all set to transform the IT services domain. Over the past decade, we have witnessed how more and more enterprises are adopting open source technologies to help improve their strategic IT goals. Open source technologies are bringing down the overall costs of software development. We have also witnessed leading software proprietary companies also contributing towards open source development as they understand that this is going to be the future of IT. Open source technologies are assisting businesses in reducing the IT operating costs and improving performance of their IT assets. At MWIDM, we strongly believe that Open source technology offers higher performance and reliability and is a cost effective medium for software development.


We have been successfully utilizing open source technologies as part of our IT services; as it is highly affordable and helps business enterprises reduce costs. Enterprises across various verticals are now switching to open source technologies, as it provides a cost-effective way to manage their IT environments. Open source technologies offer more control over the software being developed. Further, it is known to be highly stable and offers a secure environment.

Globally, we are witnessing a spike in the number of mobile devices being used. Mobile technology is all set to replace the traditional desktop computers. Open source Technologies offers an effective way for mobile app development, mobile app development tools such as PhoneGap, Titanium, Appium etc. are helping mobile app developers to create world-class mobile products, which are easy to deploy and can be scaled up easily.

Open source is progressively gaining the trust and confidence of large corporates, by enabling them to improve productivity, application performance and reduce costs. An open standard supported by open source software allows interchangeability of hardware and software. This interchangeability allows businesses to take advantage of competition among hardware and support vendors. We are witnessing substantial innovation in the open source technology segment. Open source is proving to be a highly viable and a superior technology, which is challenging the traditional use of technologies to build software products.



At MWIDM, we have built a strong and dedicated team of software professionals having in-depth experience in developing and deploying software solutions built using open source technologies. We provide development, implementation, consulting, technical support services for a wide range of open source technologies and products. Some of our successful business solutions are built using open source technologies, which have transformed our clients software projects. We provide ERP (Apache Solr) and CMS solutions based on the superior open source technologies. Some of our open source offerings include:

  • Roadmap / Strategy– We design, build, integrate systems and provide strategy to choose technology from Open source
  • Architectural Consulting– We provide architectural services for open source technologies that includes best fit analysis and recommendations
  • Software and Web Development– we build proofs of concepts, develop applications, and successfully migrate to newer technology
  • Support & Maintenance– We offer all necessary support services, product upgrades and application modernization


We are at the forefront of offering world class IT services based on open source technologies. We are known for helping enterprises meet their business objectives without compromising on quality. The open source platform also provides interoperability, which makes it easy to develop and manage IT solutions for mixed IT environments.

Our core competencies in Open Source technologies include the following:


CMSWide range of CMS development solutions utilizing newest open source technologies which includes (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress)

E-CommerceState-of-the-art E-Commerce solutions to boost your online sales utilizing Magento, osCommerce and PrestaShop

CRMOffering CRM solutions that empower your business to engage your customer successfully and provide a consistent experience utilizing Sugar CRM.

E-Learningcomprehensive range of eLearning solutions utilizing Moodle a truly open source software.

Business IntelligenceEmpowering your business to make informed decisions by utilizing cost-effective open source reporting tools Jaspersoft.

Quality AssuranceEffectively testing your Web applications to ensure a flawless and exceptional performance utilizing Selenium Test Tools.

Frame WorksUtilizing Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter and Cake PHP to develop business quick PHP applications that are easy to maintain.

DatabaseMySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, COuchDB

ServersApache, Nginx, Tomcat

 Key Differentiators

We are highly competent in using various emerging open source technologies and providing innovative IT services to our clients. We have been experimenting various ways in which open source technologies can be implemented to reduce costs without compromising on software performance. We firmly believe that open source technologies are going to play a crucial role in the near future. Open source software is considered to be a crucial component or the backbone of the technology that powers the Internet. We have worked on various engagements and have developed commercial open source solutions, helping CIOs address the key challenges that include:

  • Managing the contradictory demands of reducing IT spend while rolling out new solutions
  • Integrating open source solutions with existing solutions using proprietary technologies

We specialize in the design and development of software solutions utilizing open source technologies. We have a team of highly specialized software engineers possessing hands on experience with various cutting-edge open source technologies. Utilizing our open source services helps your enterprise stay ahead of competition. Here are some of our key differentiators.


  • Cost Advantage– By making use of open source technologies, we pass on the cost advantage to our clients.
  • Better Control– Open source technologies allow our clients to modify the code and have better control of the software developed.
  • Lower Maintenance– The open source tools we utilize are license free and the cost of scaling up is minimal, as it does not require additional licenses.
  • Security & Quality– We make sure that we utilize open source technologies that are highly secure.
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