DW/Analytics Testing

Historical data is becoming a key tool for decision-making at enterprises of all levels. With burgeoning data, most organizations are investing in building a robust data warehouse using latest tools. However, testing the data accuracy, performance and security becomes complicated and needs a comprehensive approach to ensure the success of your DW and BI implementation.

MWIDM has extensive experience in Analytics Testing, DW and BI testing engagements and addresses the unique challenges DW and BI testing brings along. We test the DW applications at all levels starting from data source to the front end BI applications and ensure that the issues are detected at the early stages of testing. We ensure that the DW and Analytics Testing can achieve the peak desired performance and is scalable to meet future business needs.

Our Testing approach includes the following strategies:

  • Performance / Security Testing
  • Audit Report / Data Quality Report
  • Business functionality testing
  • Automated ETL data validation
  • Test Optimization using proven methods

And using the above approach, we achieve the following:

  • Extensive test validation and coverage
  • Thorough validation of data quality in the Data Warehouse
  • Continuous validation of ETL
  • Extensive validation of BI reporting


MWIDM Differentiators:

  • Extensive experience testing large complex DW and BI implementations
  • Customized approach to ensure data accuracy at various level of the DW/BI chain
  • End to end service offerings for DW/ BI including data validation, performance and security of DW and BI
  • Partnership with QuerySurge for automation of DW verification process
  • Highly skilled professionals in DW/BI for designing test strategy and project execution
  • Cost effective and flexible solution for your DW BI testing needs

QuerySurge Partnership:

We are certified partners of QuerySurge which is a collaborative Data Testing solution which helps find bad data & provides a holistic view of your data’s health. These are some of the advantages that we bring to engagements with QuerySurge:

  • Compare data from source data files & data stores to the target Data Warehouse or Big Data store
  • QuerySurge automates the Data Warehouse and ETL
  • Improves Data Quality
  • Integration for Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • It allows us to Create Test QueryPairs fast & easily without writing any SQL Create reusable snippets in our Design Library
  • Schedule tests to run immediately, any date/time or automatically after event ends
  • Reporting via auto-email.
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